Talent Concept

Conjoin owes its success to the talents and expertise of the entire staff and their dedicated passion for achieving better.  

We care about the integrity of individual and career development. In Conjoin, career development of staff is highly supported and we have established scientic and reasonable schemes so that every employee is capable of selecting suitable career paths according to individual interest, capability and expertise. Comprehensive platforms of learning and systematic training are also available to facilitate employees' accumulation of knowledge, techiniques and experience to accelerate their growth.


Besides salary increase system and career development, Conjoin is also devoted to the creation of a positive, healthy and meanful working environment for our employees, offering enjoyment besides work. 

Job Title

  • Hiring:6Publish date:2015-06-19Desired position:R & D Engineer

    1 degree or above, mechanical professional, familiar with the use of 2D or 3D mapping software, over 8 years of work experience;
    2 independent design the whole product experience, familiar with the product development process;
    3 air pump pump design, the solenoid valve design experience is preferred;
    4 strong teamwork skills, ability to learn.

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